Take a Bow

Guest post by Tarra Gordon, author of Confessions of the Crow.

Here is what I’ve learned about the challenge of writing: There are lots of ups and downs. One moment we’re flying high, convinced we’ve created the next Harry Potter, and the next moment we’re ready to bury the monstrosity we’ve created in the backyard.

But we move forward.

We experience the thrill of completing our novel, to learn the struggle of revisions. We send it off to an editor and learn that we must revise further. We hunker down, complete the revisions, and submit our masterpiece to literary agents, only to face the agony of rejection. We have the mind blowing, screaming moment of completion of our novel only to experience the crippling panic of writing the next novel, terrified we will never again be able to write something worth reading.

And sometimes we forget. We forget how far we’ve come. We forget how amazing we are.

My good friend told me something over the holidays that I’ll never forget. I had let her know that I’d put my book online. Amidst all the congratulations and joy, she said (and I’ll paraphrase), “You know what? You’re amazing! Think about it. Nobody stood over your shoulder and told you to write every day. You made that decision. You made it happen. That was all you, working hard and determined to reach your dream. You did it. Take a bow!”

Every writer in the world is the same in a way. Whether published, self-published, or unpublished, we are astounding examples of tenacious hard workers, dreamers who are unstoppable, making our dreams come true. Remember that, because we oftentimes forget. Instead, we focus on what we haven’t yet accomplished—that we don’t have an agent, or a book deal, or a number one slot on Amazon. We forget that there was a time when we didn’t write at all—in fact, we couldn’t conceive of such a thing! We forget that the mere thought of writing a book seemed completely unrealistic . . . too hard . . . impossible! After all, we were too busy, or we just hadn’t ever thought about doing something so mind-boggling as attempting to communicate our souls through 300 pages of words.

Try not to forget. Wherever you are in your pursuit of your dream, remind yourself that you did it through your own determination. It makes you one of the rarest and most amazing people in the world! Be proud! Like my friend said to me: Stand up . . . take a bow!