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Five Things Authors Can Do to Support Their Marketers

Jan 17, 2021

If you’ve published or plan to publish a book, you may be interested in seeing what the editors at Penguin Random House have to say about book promotion. Things have changed since I broke into this business more than thirty years ago. Back then, authors didn’t have to do much to promote their books. That was fine with me. I turned my manuscripts over to my agent and publisher, and within a few months my novels were front and center on bookstore shelves. Nowadays, with most books being purchased online, and with so many social media platforms available to readers who like to talk about books they’ve read, there are more opportunities for authors to spend some time getting themselves and their books noticed by both readers and reviewers.

To be honest, the whole concept of book promotion makes me tired just thinking about it. I love writing books. Talking about them online . . . well, not so much. But I found this article from Penguin Random House interesting, and who knows, it might help you to sell some books.

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