The Greenleaf Critique Philosophy

I designed my critique format with two goals in mind: helping you bring your manuscript up to publishable standards, and using the manuscript as a teaching tool to help you become a better writer.

I was an instructor in the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Workshop and Advanced Workshop for many years, and in my opinion no writing class or book about writing is as valuable to a new writer as a practical, detailed critique.

When I critique your manuscript, I’ll read it first to get an overview and to begin forming my ideas about the problems that need to be addressed. Then I’ll read it again, and this time I’ll take copious notes. Depending on the manuscript and its needs, I may read it a third time. Many elements of a book manuscript affect scene development (dialogue, viewpoint, background setting, and character interaction, to name a few) and other elements are part of the bigger picture (story line, central conflict, plot structure, subplots, narrative tone, etc.). Because of this, I won’t begin writing the critique until I have an understanding of how those elements fit together. If I’m going to make suggestions about changes to your manuscript, I want to know how incorporating those suggestions will affect the entire story. That’s why I need to be intimately familiar with your manuscript before I begin writing the critique.

The end result will be a critique that will serve as a guide for you in the rewrite of your manuscript. Of course, I’ll be available via email or phone to answer questions as you incorporate the critique into your rewrite. If you’re struggling with a particular element in the rewrite, I’ll work further with you on that element until you’ve got it. When you’ve finished all the revisions, I’ll be glad to take another look at the manuscript. There’s no charge for a follow-up review.

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What clients are saying:
I am overwhelmed by your critique. I had no idea what to expect. It was much more than I thought it would be. I’m excited to get started on the rewrite. I’m almost wishing for cool weather so that I can stay inside and work.
Art Bollinger
author of science fiction novel Cutler’s Pride

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