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Political Releases, Led by Brian Stelter’s ‘Hoax,’ Drive US Nonfiction Book Sales

Sep 4, 2020

Publishing Perspectives
That already tight relationship between politics and books is getting only more intimate this autumn, as the US general election season seizes the attention of millions, in the States and elsewhere. With 69 days to go to the November 3 vote, the popularity of politics-related books in the US market was noted last week by NPD Books’ Kristen McLean.

For the week ending August 15, she has spotted adult nonfiction again inching upward—this time by 0.6 percent—not least because Simon & Schuster’s Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man by Mary L. Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, hit 1 million print unit sales in NPD’s BookScan.

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