You’ve got a terrific idea…

…for a novel or nonfiction book, but you don’t have the time or energy to write it.

Many celebrities, politicians, and even regular folks hire professional writers like me to write their books. I’ve ghostwritten many novels, memoirs and narrative nonfiction books.

Before We Begin

I have to be convinced that:

  • The story idea or overall concept is big enough for a book of a length required by the novel genre or nonfiction category.
  • There’s a market for your planned book, and I can make it hit that market.
  • I’m excited about the prospect of spending several hours a day on the book.

The Ghostwriting Process

I’ll start by developing your concept or story idea into a detailed writing plan and outline. Before I start writing, I’ll go over the writing plan and outline with you to make sure you understand exactly how the book will be structured and how the major elements will play out.

Once we’re in agreement with the development work, I’ll start writing. Each week or so I’ll send you a draft of what I’ve written so you can see how it’s coming along. As the story takes shape, elements often emerge that weren’t obvious during the developmental stage. If I see opportunities to improve the story with a major change, I’ll clear that with you before I proceed.

The end result of these efforts will be a book manuscript in electronic form ready for submission to literary agents and publishers. I’ll also prepare a book proposal (a one-page query letter, a synopsis of two to four pages, an author’s bio, and a chapter-by-chapter outline), and I’ll compile a list of literary agents who will be right for your book. I’ll also guide you through the process of querying literary agents and publishers. I’ll be available by phone or email whenever you need further help during the publishing process.


Ghostwriting a book often requires some research. If your story is a historical novel taking place in San Francisco in the early part of the 19th century, for example, I’ll want to acquaint myself with historical events of that place and time, the ethnic make-up of the city, what day-to-day life was like, customs and common language idioms, and other background elements. This kind of research will allow me to place the reader in that historical setting so he or she can experience the scenes in vivid detail.

Nonfiction books usually require more research than novels. One of my ghostwriting projects about the Vietnam war required quite a bit of research into several important battles as well as interviews with dozens of Vietnam veterans.

Ghostwriting fees can range from $25,000 to $100,000, depending on the nature and length of the story. I require 25 percent of the fee when we both sign the Confidentiality and Service Agreement, and the balance will be due over the three to six months required for the writing.

I guarantee confidentiality. You will be listed as the sole author of the book. My name will not appear on the publishing contract or the book cover. All copyright and financial rights to the book will be yours.

If ghostwriting may work for you, call me or send me an email and tell me about the kind of book you want to have written. I’ll also need to know if you’ve done any preliminary research or outlining, or if you’ve already done any of the writing. I’ll get back to you right away and let you know if it’s a project I can help you with. If my work schedule is too heavy, or if I feel that the type of book you want to write is outside my realm of experience or interest, I can probably refer you to another writer who can do it.

Thank you for your professional evaluation of The Honors Jacket. I appreciate every word you have written. As I read through your evaluation, I saw suggestions and guidance coming from not only a professional editor but a longtime and trusted friend as well. Thank you.
Joe SpillerAuthor of The Honors Jacket

Other Services

Manuscript Critique………………………………………$24 per thousand words
My critique will show you how to turn your manuscript into a book with solid commercial value.

Manuscript Editing………………………………………..$40 – $50 per thousand words
I’ll correct the mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) and I’ll polish the prose to improve clarity and narrative flow.

Manuscript Evaluation………………………………………..$345
I’ll read your entire manuscript and give you an appraisal of its marketability, assess your book’s strengths and weaknesses, your writing skills and give you guidance about your publishing options.

Book Proposal……………………………………………….$950 and up
I’ll help you avoid the mistakes that can make the difference between sale and rejection.