Manuscript Rewrite

You have a solid concept for your book, and you’ve written a rough draft.

But it isn’t living up to your expectations. The characters are sketchy, the plot wanders, and the central conflict droops in the middle.

Your book needs more than an edit. What it needs is a major rewrite.

Over the many years of my writing career, I’ve rewritten mainstream novels, suspense thrillers, historical novels, mystery novels, science fiction, horror, and other genres as well as autobiographies, memoirs, exposés, and other nonfiction books.

I won’t take on a rewrite project unless I feel that I can bring the manuscript up to the high threshold of traditional commercial publishing while remaining true to the author’s vision of the story. If it’s clear that the author’s vision runs counter to his or her publishing goals, then I’ll have to respectfully decline.

If you feel that your book is a good rewrite candidate, and if the rewrite fee (see below) won’t leave you panhandling on the street, give me a call and let’s talk.

The Rewrite Process

If I rewrite your book, my first step will be to develop my ideas about the major changes that will have to be made to bring it up to publishable standards. That will become the rewrite plan. The goal at this point will be to make sure you understand and concur with the major revisions I’ll be making to the story.

Once we’re in agreement on the rewrite plan, I’ll get to work. Each week or so I’ll send you a draft so you can see how it’s coming along. When I’m done, you’ll have a new manuscript in electronic form ready to send to literary agents and publishers.

I’ll also prepare a book proposal (a one-page query letter, a synopsis of two to four pages, an author’s bio, and a chapter-by-chapter outline), and I’ll compile a list of literary agents who will be right for your book. I’ll guide you through the process of querying literary agents and publishers, and I’ll be available by phone or email whenever you need further help during the publishing process.

Of course, I guarantee confidentiality. You will be listed as the sole author of the book. My name will not appear on the publishing contract or the book cover. All copyright and financial rights to the book will be yours.

The fee for a major rewrite.

The fee for a major rewrite can range from $15,000 to $90,000, depending on the nature and length of the story. I require 25 percent of the fee when we both sign the Confidentiality and Service Agreement, and the balance will be due over the three to six months required for the rewrite.

Questions about my credentials or the rewrite process? Call me at 505-401-1021
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Other Services

Manuscript Critique………………………………………$24 per thousand words
My critique will show you how to turn your manuscript into a book with solid commercial value.

Manuscript Editing………………………………………..$40 - $50 per thousand words
I’ll correct the mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) and I’ll polish the prose to improve clarity and narrative flow.

Book Proposal……………………………………………....$950 and up
I’ll help you avoid the mistakes that can make the difference between sale and rejection.