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Sep 19, 2010

If you’re writing a book, or if you’ve written a book and want to have it published, this blog is for you.

But first, a little about me. I’m a novelist, freelance editor, book doctor, and ghostwriter. I’ve written five novels that have been published under my own name, with a sixth scheduled for release in December. For more than twenty years I’ve also been helping other writers get their first books published. Those books have included mainstream novels, suspense thrillers, historical novels, mystery novels, science fiction, horror, chick lit, and other genres as well as autobiographies, memoirs, exposés, and other nonfiction books. I’m a member of The Author’s Guild and Editorial Freelancers Association.

The world of book publishing can be a little scary if you’re facing it for the first time. There are hundreds of book publishers, and they come in all shapes and sizes — traditional commercial publishers, subsidy publishers, and print-on-demand publishers. And you’ll need a literary agent to get your foot in the door of many commercial publishers. How can you find the right agent and publisher for your book? And how can you avoid getting sucked into a scam in the process?

If all this makes your brain hurt, then you know how I felt when I finished my first novel and started looking for a publisher. A few decades ago I was in the same place you’re at right now: standing at a threshold and gazing into a room full of murky shadows.

I remember how that felt, and it’s why I decided to start this blog for authors who are writing, or have written, their first book.

In future blog posts I’ll talk about book publishing, literary agents, copyright issues, and other topics that will help you break into this business with your first book. I’ll also talk about the process of writing. If you’re a novelist, you’ll find advice on building stronger plots, creating memorable characters, and improving your narrative style. If you’re writing your life story or other narrative nonfiction book, you’ll find advice on techniques like narrative hook, content organization, and dramatic focus.

In other words, if you need help with a book, you’ll find it here.

Questions about book writing or publishing? Ideas about topics you’d like to see me cover in my blog? Call me at (505) 401-1021 or send me an email at I’m in my office most weekdays from 9 to 5.

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