Manuscript Critique

If you know your book has problems,

but you don’t know how to fix them,

then it’s time for a professional manuscript critique.


What you’ll get

  • Thorough analysis of the major elements of your book as well as clear, practical guidance for any necessary revisions.
  • Detailed comments and suggestions throughout your manuscript focusing on specific scenes or passages that need work, along with before-and-after examples to illustrate my points.
  • One-on-one consultation with a pro (that would be me) as you incorporate the critique and make revisions to your manuscript.
  • Follow-up review of your manuscript after you’ve completed your rewrite.
  • The benefit of my thirty-plus years’ experience in the book publishing business.

What you won’t get

  • A few pages of generic, canned material that too often masquerades as a critique in this business.
  • Brutal criticism – it isn’t constructive or necessary.

My manuscript critiques usually run from thirty to sixty pages in length, depending on the length of the manuscript and the issues discussed.

Anatomy of a Greenleaf Critique

The fee for a manuscript critique is based on the length of the manuscript: $22 per thousand words.

Questions about how a manuscript critique will help you bring out the full potential of your book? Call me at 505-401-1021 or send me an email at